Post Malone and Crocs go hand-in-hand like Goldfish crackers crumpled into a Peanut Butter sandwich - or that's what he'd like us to think. Whatever the case may be: Post Malone and Croc designed a special edition rubber slipper, then released it as an Australian-exclusive, only to witness it sell out within a mere 24 hours. I can't speak for Australians or their spending habits, but where I come from, Crocs are reserved for line cooks and balcony smokers.

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

There's no point in hiding from it. Post Malone's featured a series of cutesy graphics familiar to his fans. Beneath the virtual boy scout badges is a color scheme reminiscent of the battle gear you might find at a True Value hardware outlet. Post Malone gave his Australian followers fair warning that bidding would commence at 10 am sharp.

In an attempt to assuage the customers who were stopped at the gate, Post Malone posted a picture of himself playing the guitar, in you guessed it: his signature Crocs. How's that for some insult to injury. His two previous Croc collabs are said to have sold out, within moments of the curtain being raised.