Any good karaoke bar probably has some Post Malone in the books. "White Iverson" or "Congratulations" are almost bound to be at the good ones and, if they update their songs regularly, there may even be some beerbongs & bentleys tracks. Returning to his hometown of Grapevine, Texas, Posty hit up his favorite dive bar but he did not choose to perform any of his tracks. No, Post went for one of the legends, giving his best Biggie impression for a karaoke rendition of "Big Poppa."

Although his album title may swoon over Bentleys, Post pulled up to the bar in a droptop Rolls-Royce, a just as luxurious and glitzy choice. Surprising the local patrons, Malone returned to his hometown to relive some memories at the karaoke bar. Breaking out into a rendition of "Big Poppa," Post did The Notorious B.I.G. proud as he rapped along to the famous tune in front of the regulars. He wasn't finished after the live band had packed up as he engaged in a dance battle, trying his best to impress there too but he dropped the ball, we'd say. He is no Chris Brown on the dancefloor, moving around quite staticky but at least he gave it a shot.

His appearance at the bar comes weeks after Post performed as part of the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour. He may have a few more face tattoos now, and a lot more money, than he did the last time he was home.