It was just a few weeks ago that reports surfaced online saying that Post Malone had ended his 3-year relationship with girlfriend Ashlen Diaz, but it looks like he’s already moving on. On Sunday, TMZ caught Post walking through George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston while holding hands with a new mystery woman.

TMZ reports that the woman is the same unknown person who Post was spotted with back in August on a yacht in Saint-Tropez. Some people believed at the time that the woman was his then girlfriend Ashlen, but apparently that wasn't the case.

Sources say that Post Malone and his “airport babe” are just friends and not romantically linked together, but why hold hands then? Some people say Post invited her to Dubai with him because she was his “lucky charm” back in August before his car accident and after his scary emergency plane landing, but again it leads us back to asking why hold hands?

So who knows if they’re an item or just friends, but the picture begs to show the former. Check it out (below) and let us know what you think. Does Posty have a new woman or you think they just friends?