Power is one of the best shows on cable. The gangster-drama has as many twists as Game of Thrones, but leaves the fantasy with the HBO series, and opts for a more gritty and street worthy tale. 

Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan have been through their fair share of drama. The three former friends and partners betrayed each other, and each other's loved ones, on numerous occasions. Seeing the three of them team up for a common cause is unexpected, but a much-needed angle for the fifth season of Power.

This isn't the first trailer for the new season, but it is the most explosive. “My daughter is dead, someone has to pay for it,” growls Ghost. “We’ll all feel better once this is over,” explains Kanan. In season four, Tariq got Ghost's daughter Reina killed by a dirty cop, and then made the situation worse but trying to make it better. Starz and 50 had a very public battle over season five, because the cable channel cut parts of season four, which interfered with key storytelling elements. Cable provider Optimum then planned on taking Starz off their line-up, but Power fans would not let that happen. After petitioning, Optimum changed their mind. The boys are back July 1st. Check out the new trailer below.