Omari Hardwick, who plays Ghost on the hit Starz series Power, recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to preview what fans can expect for season five, which is slated to debut on Sunday, July 1st. 

"We still have, thematically, an incarcerated individual, even though he is physically out of prison at this point," the actor reveals about his character. "He’s still figuratively because once you’re locked up and the person that you know is responsible for locking you up, that being Ghost’s mistress and Angela (Lela Loren), at that point, even though she aided him in getting out, there’s still a major level of trust issues that he’s dealing with. He feels like he’s being haunted by a bunch of ghosts, pun intended."

Hardwick continues to reveal how "Ghost can’t figure out which ghost he needed to look out for the most, so I think he still feels quite incarcerated and like he’s sleeping with one and a half eye open, trying to figure out who done it, or who’s trying to bring him down. And we now are at this place to flush out. So, season five is definitely about flushing out the different triumvirates, the different alliances and whose loyalty is not to be trusted."

The actor also notes how viewers will be given a more in-depth look at Tommy's Italian heritage, including his relation to the mob. "We definitely will see his father, who we ended the season learning was his father. So, we’ll definitely see him — the incredible William Sadler, who of course played his father — but not yet telling Tommy that he’s learned that he’s his father. I don’t know how many wise guys we’ll see without giving too much away, but we’ll definitely see that relationship be of something, Tommy and his now father that’s never had before."