If you were holding your breath for a Fugees reunion, we've got some bad news.

While all signs already pointed toward this conclusion, Pras Michel of The Fugees has offered up some more clarity as to why fans shouldn't count on a reunion from the legendary hip-hop group anytime soon. It was while speaking with Ebro Darden over at Hot 97 that he recalled what seemed to be a toxic environment while the group was together.

“I was on the Titanic when I was with the group,” he began. “I knew it was going to come to an end. When I formed the group, I knew it was volatile. So, I was always planning ahead, knowing this thing’s not really going to last.”

When on the topic of getting the band back together, he remarked that he wants "no part of that."

"I done outgrew that band to be honest with you," he added. "I’m passed that moment. It was a great moment. I will never, ever not be grateful for that moment for both Wyclef [Jean] and Lauryn [Hill]. They’re the reason I’m here, but it’s too much. I’m a very, very pragmatic individual. [...] It was the most dysfunctional energy because one minute, you’re in love and shit feel good and the next minute, you ready to black out. That shit’s not good for your emotional state, man. It’s like you’re being torn just emotionally.”

To add more confirmation that the trio would never grace the stage together again, he revealed that 'Clef and Lauryn Hill actually passed up an opportunity where the group was offered $90 million for a 15-month reunion tour.

"They were like, ‘Hmm. I don’t know,'” he confirmed. “I said, ‘Alright, it’s all good. You guys will never hear from me again pertaining to the Fugees.’ I want nothing of them. I’ll keep it real with you. Obviously, I am speaking both from a place of luxury and arrogance [...] All three of us are speaking from that kind of place. Like, ‘He’s good, she’s good, I’m incredibly good.’ I understand the emotional but that’s when you gotta put on your big-girl drawls and your big-boy drawls. Times supposed to heal. This is 20 years, man. How long is it going to take?”

The interview is a pretty informative selection with Pras also going on to chime in on the Robert Glasper controversy in which the musician asserted that Lauryn Hill did not write the tracks heard on her Miseducation album. While he explains that he doesn't know who Glasper actually is, Pras defends his former bandmate by confirming that she did, in fact, write her own lyrics. 

Watch the full conversation down below.