After being on serious bedrest for a couple weeks, Chrissy Teigen, now halfway through her pregnancy, explained to her followers on Instagram late Sunday night that she has been experienced heavy bleeding for about a month. Finally, the model revealed that she had been admitted to the hospital while coping with this frightening issue.

In her Instagram Stories, Teigen explained that she had been experiencing symptoms of prolonged and heavy bleeding. She knew that the bleeding was considered abnormal and immediately decided to go to the hospital when the bleeding got to the point that it was like (in her words, clearly): "if you were to turn a faucet on low and leave it there." Teigen revealed that she’s typically at her happiest when she is pregnant. However she had to come to terms with how bad the situation became for her third baby. 

She explained the reason for her bleeding is that her “placenta is really really weak.”. Referring to her placenta, she described her baby’s situation as the “strongest coolest dude in sh***est house.”

chrissy teigen hospitalized pregnant

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

While in her hospital bed, the soon-to-be mom informed her followers that all they could do now was make sure the baby had enough fluid around him and that she continued resting as much as possible. Chrissy acknowledged that in order for her baby to make it out of the “danger zone”, the last obstacle is for her to make it through the next few weeks.  

Teigen reiterated that “yeah it is scary but it's scary in the way there's really nothing to do.” At one point the cookbook author pleaded, “please don’t” with social media doctors, referring to their unsolicited advice and suggestions. She went on to reveal that all of their advice makes her feel even more anxious.

Even after sharing this serious situation, Chrissy joked that “I’m very glad I picked today of all days to put on some makeup cause the hospital people are asking about me.” Although she appreciates people's concern, she concluded, “Don’t feel bad for me, don’t pity me because I feel really really good, think of the baby.”

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