The presidency of Donald Trump has had its fair share of frankly, stupid moments, to put it lightly; but a recent incident involving President Trump has clearly demonstrated just how bizarre this administration is.

John Melendez, aka "Stuttering John," is a comedian and a regular guest on the Howard Stern show. He decided that it would be a funny prank to try and see if could try and prank call Trump, despite Trump being the President of the United States. Typically, it shouldn't be that easy to get a president on the phone, but Melendez appears to have gotten through to him pretty easily, simply by going through Jared Kushner and pretending to be democratic senator Robert Menendez.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the President's staff were quick to believe that Melendez was Menendez, and put him through to Kushner, who then put him through to Trump. Melendez recorded the whole conversation with the president and uploaded it on his podcast as proof.

As it turns out, the White House wasn't too happy about a comedian getting unrestricted access to the President, so they sent secret service agents to his house. But after getting some advice from Stormy Daniels' lawyer, he realized that he wouldn't be in any serious legal trouble. Melendez believes that some good will have come from his stunt.

"I will give President Trump credit in one area, which is that he did at least have a conversation with who he thought was a Democratic senator," Melendez said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "Senator Bob Menendez has recently said, “I wish I could have a conversation with Donald Trump about immigration.” But here's my thing, why doesn't Senator Mendendez just pick up the phone like I did? It sends a very sad note about why Washington is so dysfunctional. They could have a conversation, they could find a middle ground if they just talked to each other."