This is gonna be a moment.

After what has felt like a decade of campaigning, we the people have reached a momentous landmark in one of the strangest elections of the last century - the first debate. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will square off on live television tonight at 9pm EST with the world watching, for what is widely expected to be "the largest audience for a campaign event in American history."

This election has had probably just as much coverage within the world of hip-hop as Obama's historic campaign in 2008. From Tyler's merch to YG's tour to Schoolboy Q's fake album cover, Donald Trump's nauseating ascendance to become Republican nominee has left an enormous mark on the world of rap. And Hillary Clinton's been outcheaa too.

Tonight's debate is a television event you won't want to miss, and even if you don't own a TV, you can watch the debate below or see it as a live stream on Twitter. Most importantly, if you haven't registered to vote, you can do that here. Stay woke, folks.