Ariana Grande might need to call her label up and ask for help in the originality department in the near future. The singer has been rolling-out her new album, which has yet to be named, over the past few months. Kicking things off with her hit single, "Thank U, Next," she returned with her latest bop, "7 Rings" this morning. However, Princess Nokia is convinced that Ariana Grande took her flow for the song.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Princess Nokia seems to find a lot of similarities between her song off of 1992 and Grande's latest release, "7 Rings." Nokia posted a video on Twitter of herself listening to "7 Rings" before comparing it to her song, "Mine."

"Does that sound familiar to you? 'Cause that sound really familiar to me," she said before stopping the song. "Ain't that the little song I made about brown women and their hair? Hmmm.. Sounds about white."

Interestingly enough, fans of Soulja Boy accused Grande of biting his flow earlier today. Amid the rapper's comeback, fans of the "Crank That" rapper pointed out that Grande's flow on "7 Rings" is eerily similar to Big Draco's on "Pretty Boy Swag."

Nokia then retweeted a tweet that claimed that Grande's "new album literally plagiarizes flows, words, bars from Nokia." Adding, "yo what a shame, millions of dollars and a TEAM of people to make and write your music.... yet they STILL STEAL."

Ariana Grande has yet to comment on the accusations made by Princess Nokia.