Princess Nokia sat down to dish about the success of her 1992 album. In the process, she gave the public insight into her self-identification as an artist and her feelings towards of the female emcees.

She explained the reason why she was able to push through the music industry with flair as an independent artist.

"I believe in empowering myself. I believe in breaking down doors. I believe in, you know, doing things that people say is impossible or you can't do and kinda being like, 'Haha, I did it anyway.'"

She represents a brand of feminism that is based on self-love and determination.

"We dispose of women's power. We dispose of how incredible they are. So I have to continue fighting those barriers, breaking down those doors, fighting for my place within this world because it's not going to be given to me. I have to take it. I have to love myself. "Cause nobody else gonna love me up in here. That's why I love myself so much. That's why I'm a champion of myself."

She also champions other female artists. Asian Doll is named "as the future." Princess Nokia also mentions other "soulful women" like the "genius" Tierra Whack, No Name and Jamila Woods. The artist she stans the most, however, is the Queen.

"I'm probably one of the biggest Nicki Minaj fans you will ever meet. I know her whole discography."

Princess is defining her own sense of womanhood, regardless of her influences.

"I crowd surf, show my ass, I moon people [...] I'm a metal chick."