The gaming industry is as big as its ever been. With the rapid evolution of technology in recent times, gaming has become even more of a global phenomenon backed by a multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone's been trying to get in on it, too. Many companies have figured out ways to tap into the market with creative devices that can help the gaming experience.

Pringles are the latest to come into the game. Now, chips are essentially the perfect snack for gaming but it gets hard when you're deep into the game. You got to pause the game, grab some chips, and wipe your hands from the grease if you're down for good hygiene. Pringles, however, has made this process a bit easier. They've introduced the "Hunger Hammer" which is made up of several 3D-printed components that are supposed to be attached to the Razer headset. Much like a beer hat, the Pringles are attached to the headset and feed through a mechanical arm. 

Unfortunately, this is only a prototype that likely won't actually end up becoming a real product. It seems like Pringles just toyed with the idea and don't see this actually becoming a necessity for gamers, nor do they actually have any plans to turn this into a product that could be available on the market Perhaps it's for the better.