Veteran defensive lineman Elvis Dumervil has decided to "step away" from the only profession he's ever known. Elvis posted his intentions publicly in the form a Twitter letter to fans, who he thanked for their support over the years. The 5-time Pro Bowler retires with his reputation intact, and playing for three different franchises over the course of a 12-year career, the bulk of which he spent with the Denver Broncos organization that drafted him.

Dumevil unceremoniously left his Bronco's mates to pursue a big money offer from the Baltimore Ravens where his career underwent a resurgence. He was the team's lone representative in the NFL's Top 100 listing of 2015.

Dumervil will end his career with 105.5 Sacks, which places him 26 on the all-time leaderboard. Dumervil, who led the 49ers with 6.5 sacks in 2017, maintains that his body feels great, but other avenues outside the game are demanding his attention. "I also have a wife and two young children who need me and a real estate business that I can now turn my attention to full time," relayed Dumervil in his Twitter post (above). 

Dumervil also collected 262 tackles, 23 forced fumbles and an interception over the course of his NFL career. Outside of football, Dumervil is noted for his rebuilding efforts in his parent's home nation of Haiti.