During a recent episode of The Nine Club With Chris Richards, Pro-skateboarder Reese Forbes appeared on a recent episode of The Nine Club With Chris Richards to announce that he would be managing the upcoming Supreme branch set to open in San Francisco. The news comes amidst the recent controversy with the bootleg Supreme brand, Supreme Italia, and their ongoing legal battles with the real brand, Supreme. 

Speaking about his new role (at around the 1:24:20 mark in the video above) Forbes explained how he felt about taking on the new role, detailing how he had spent the last 10 months preparing to run the soon-to-be-opened Supreme flagship in San Fran. He revealed how he has been flying around to the different global branches and working at them as practise, “they’re opening in the fall in S.F. They’ve been doing a lot to get the store ready. We’ll see what happens,” said Forbes. When explaining how it had come about, he said, “we kind of called each other. It just happened. I’ve been observing. I’ve been a fan for a long time.” The new location was announced back in April 2018, with the brand sending out invites for a meet-up with it's soon-to-be neighbouring stores. Sources reported in December that the San Fran store would cover a total of 10,000 square-feet and be located right around the corner from the Thrasher retail store, at Market at Sixth. The most recent news as to its progression, revealed that it would finally be opening later during the year, just in time for the FW19 season.