It's not everyday we get to write about a news story that affects the very fabric of the HNHH website. When it does happen, we're truly humbled.

Pro-Trump trolls are a phenomenon affecting websites across the spectrum of the Internet (HNHH included), often skewing and souring the political conversation.Although we won't argue for the perfection of any candidate (or their voter base), we will admit that Trumpers (AKA Trumpets) pose a distinctive and unique problem to the online conversation and election at large. It's been alleged that the Russian government finances a sizable portion of pro-Trump trolling online. This is hypothetically committed in an effort to sway the American electorate.

Canadian comedian Samantha Bee of "Full Frontal" has sat down with two Russian pro-Trump trolls to discuss their work, and assess their motivations. It may change your perspective on the online forums we all know and frequent. Check out the video below.