Producer Bongo has put in work for years, lacing hits for 50 Cent, The Game, YG, Kanye West, and more. Now, HipHopNMore have taken a moment to chop it up with him, covering a variety of different topics. Seeing as Bongo has been working rather closely with Kanye West, it seems only natural that Yandhi questions were raised. "Expect great vibes," says Bongo, remaining coy about any greater detail. "The music that I have been a part of and heard sounds amazing. For rest, you just gotta wait for the project."

When asked about whether or not Kanye's "Black Friday" deadline was still in the cards, Bongo seemed confident in his response. "To be honest, we were actually pretty much done last time around too but Kanye felt he had more work to do and that’s when the idea of Uganda came about," he explains. "But yeah, the album should arrive on time this time, I believe so."

He also praises the process of working with Kanye, praising the nature of his creativity. "It’s a unique experience watching and working with him. He’s always thinking of new ideas," says Bongo. "A lot of things he says get lost in miscommunication so people start to front but his heart is pure and he really cares for the art."

For more, peep the full interview here, via HHNM.