Yesterday, Phoenix based producer Vanderslice had a massive scare. On Monday, Vanderslice called police upon feeling chest pains, which eventually escalated into a full blown heart attack. In fact, the damage was so severe, he was legally pronounced dead for two minutes; thankfully, doctors were able to resuscitate him, and pull through with the successful surgery. 

You can read his harrowing recollection here, via Instagram. "I went into the ER at about 12:30 am," he reflects. "At 2:31 am I died from a heart attack and they hit me with the shock paddles to bring me back. Two things I can confirm. When I died I didn’t feel anything. No bright lights, no guy in a red suit with a pitchfork, nothing." He proceeds to explain a strange side effect, saying "after being dead for like 2 minutes I felt like I had slept for 12 hours. I was completely refreshed."

Luckily, Vanderslice ultimately underwent surgery, and is currently recovering in the hospital. Send some thoughts his way; Vanderslice is a respected name in the community, having amassed a respectable collection of collaborators and beat tapes to match. Names ranging from Ghostface Killah, Freddie Gibbs, Prodigy, Slug, Conway, Evidence, and more. Check out his music here, and pray for Vanderslice to come through with a full recovery.