Though many gamers were hopeful about securing a next-generation console before Christmas, it would appear the gaming Gods had alternative plans. What should have been a triumphant launch for both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X quickly devolved into chaos, with scalpers and resellers basking in the spoils of over-anxious shoppers willing to double the retail price. Between that and the uncertainty surrounding restock dates and general demand, the PS5 and Xbox Series X have been some of the most difficult consumer items to secure in recent memory.

Yet where there is a will, there is a way -- and rest assured that some gamers remain as dedicated to the quest as any RPG hero ever was. And with today being Black Friday, many such gamers took it upon themselves to brave the elements and line up outside select stores, with some even pitching tents and setting up camp. It didn't take long for footage of their plight to hit social media, and before long, the PlayStation 5 was trending once again. Some reports indicate that a few shoppers have been at it for days on end, with one going so far as to bring a damn mattress to the party.

Unfortunately, limited stock means many of these campers' stories will eventually end in heartbreak. Such has been a recurring theme for those looking to cop themselves a new console for the holiday season -- though Sony did take a moment to reassure the masses that restocks are indeed coming. Will it be enough to turn the tides on what many are already calling a botched launch? Only time will tell -- just remember that patience is a virtue, and there's always next year.