Though PlayStation 5 will not be dropping this year, Sony has made no secret of their upcoming console's potential. Following a previous report indicating that PS5 will feature a solid-state hard-drive as well as backward compatibility, Sony recently unveiled the technology in action during a recent conference.

Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki took to Twitter to share a clip from the presentation, which compares the performance of a recent PlayStation Pro and the upcoming, still-in-development PS5. As you can discern from the clip below, the PS5 features absolutely zero load times. Like that, gamers 'round the world screamed cheers in unison.

During the conference, Sony also teased their future plans, promising to take the gaming experience beyond the living room environment: "anytime, anywhere, without disconnections.”  You can check out some further elaboration on what has been confirmed below. Will you be dropping bills whenever the fifth PlayStation console rolls around?