Traffic in Los Angeles is about to become just that much more inconvenient. Last night (February 25), Democratic nominee-hopefuls convened in South Carolina for what is being criticized as one of the worse debates for the party thus far. It's a close race as to who will take the spot opposite incumbent President Donald Trump, but Bernie Sanders is hoping that soon, all of America and beyond will "Feel The Burn."

Bernie Sanders Public Enemy
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

Bernie Sanders's political campaign rolls on with yet another of an unending number of rallies, this time in the Golden State. According to a report, Sanders will make his way to L.A. on Sunday (March 1) for a massive rally. Dick Van Dyke and Sarah Silverman will be there as well, but the big showstopper with be a performance by Public Enemy. The hip hop collective will show just how much they support Sanders by performing some of their classic hip hop hits. 

With tracks like "Fight The Power" and "911 is a Joke," seeing Public Enemy take to the stage at a political rally isn't shocking. It's all set to go down at 3:00 p.m. at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Let us know if this is an event you would attend if it was in a city near you.