Nipsey Hussle was tragically shot and killed on March 31st just outside of his Marathon store. His death sent shockwaves throughout the hip-hop community as Hussle was a beacon of hope in his community. Hussle was a man with his hands in various different ventures with one of them being a collaboration with PUMA. Back in March, his The Marathon collection with PUMA was revealed with a scheduled release in the Fall. Despite Hussle's death, PUMA has no plans to end the collaboration and will reportedly work with his estate to keep his legacy alive.

During a Wall Street Journal panel with G-Eazy, Adam Petrick, the brand's global director of brand and marketing, explained how they will keep the collaboration going.

"Working with him to help build the brand and to support some of the activations that he was doing in L.A. was great. We had a lot of things that were coming, and hopefully a lot of things we will still do with his estate," Petrick said. "We’re going to continue to release some product that we’ve created we him. We’ve also got some charity activations that we’ll do to support what he was doing in Crewnshaw, and trying to continue the work that he was doing through his foundation."

Stay tuned for updates on any of the collections that come from this partnership as we will surely bring them you.