The Drake and Pusha T beef will go down as one of the most interesting week-long feuds in hip hop history. It seems unanimous that Pusha T won that battle but it seems like there are some Drake stans who are still stuck in the first stage of grief: denial. Drake took a few subtle shots at Pusha T on his album and his latest freestyles but none of them warranted a response from the Daytona emcee. Unfortunately, some fans still think the "career ending" diss song is still a thing and one Drake fan went as far as saying that it would've ended Pusha T's marriage.

Pusha T and his wife, Virginia Williams, tied the knot a little over a week a go. Since then, Pusha's been sharing some photos from the ceremony on Instagram. A Drake fan slid into the comment section of Pusha T's photo to say that "Drake could have ended this marriage if he would have responded."

Someone replied to the user and said, "go take a nap and have a great day!!" before Pusha T added, "and u forgot to tell him suck a dick!" followed by several laughing emojis.

Aside from the IG clap backs, Pusha T is set to hit the road this week for his "Daytona" tour with Sheck Wes and Valee. Unfortunately, several of the tour dates were cancelled, although there hasn't been any news confirming why the dates were nixed. You could check which shows got cancelled here.