Protests are still going on across the country demanding justice. Not just for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor or Ahmaud Arbery, but justice for Black Americans who've suffered under systemic oppression. Rappers have been getting deeply involved with artists like Lil Baby and YG helping with the organization of marches. 

Jeff Schear/Getty Images 

Pusha T also hit the streets of Virginia this week where, alongside Trey Songz and several others, helped serve free food as part of the "Feed Your City" challenge in Petersburg. King Push not only handed out food to residents but also ended up in a photo op with a police officer that was on duty. Given the current social climate, it's easy to see how many of his fans would be upset over it. The rapper's spotted wearing a BLM shirt while raising a fist with a white officer.

The Internet was not happy about this, frankly, specifically, Drake fans who have used any and every opportunity imaginable to crown the 6ix God the winner of their feud. The photo began getting compared to the infamous Blackface photo of Drake that was used for "The Story Of Adidon" cover art. Now, as some declared Drake the winner retrospectively, others used this thing called common sense to make it abundantly clear that taking a photo with a cop is not even close to the same level as Blackface.

Check out the photos and reactions below.