There's no disputing that Pusha T is one of hip-hop's unsung heroes, and his work with Clipse on Lord Willin' and Hell Hath No Fury forever immortalizes him as one of the greats. Yet there is one question that all Pusha T fans find themselves asking and it is as follows: "where the hell is King Push?" And while we have yet to receive a concrete answer, perhaps Pusha has blessed us with a preview of things to come, courtesy of a new Adidas short film by the name of "Bodega Babies." The clip is part of a collaboration between the company and the rapper, and it seems as if Pusha blessed the soundtrack with some unreleased music.

The short film opens with the sound of a soulful, piano and bass driven instrumental, as Pusha T spits some wisdom, rapping "black child born in the storm, they had to bundle up to stay warm, bodega babies." As the video continues, breaking down the familial and cultural importance of the local bodega, the song continues to unfold. "You wonder why these kids of the nineties crazy?" asks Pusha, his bars intercut with the unfolding narrative. There's an interesting moment, around the one minute mark, in which a voice that sounds an awful lot like Swizz Beatz says "cold blooded." While it doesn't sound like his traditional production, perhaps Swizzy had something to do with this one. 

"Child rebel soldiers of the inner city, the "Hate Me Now" tigers next to Nas and Diddy," raps Pusha, and the clip continues delivering a powerful message about the positive side of hood life. Check out the video in full below, if you're looking to catch a preview of Pusha T's latest sound. In the meantime, stay patient. King Push will no doubt drop soon, although 2018 is looking increasingly likely.