Back in April, Kanye West tweeted out that Pusha T’s long awaited King Push album would finally be dropping May 25th, but we’ve yet to hear anything more about it since then. Pusha hasn't released any singles nor has he really spoken about the album, but it appears that it is indeed still dropping this Friday like expected.

On Tuesday, Pusha T’s manager, Steven Victor, confirmed to DJ Booth in an email that the album will be dropping this Friday. This comes just days after Victor himself informed fans that the project is "album of the year," to which Pusha responded via text message, "It's Flawless.”

While we’ve yet to hear who might be featured on the album, we have seen a possible tracklist for it. Last week, Kanye West teased a tentative tracklist on Twitter for Pusha’s album, sharing the 8 song titles in the process. However, something tells me there’s more to be added to what Kanye shared.

Peep the possible tracklist (below) and be sure to check back Thursday night at midnight to hear King Push.

Tentative Tracklist:

1. If You Know U Know
2. Sociopath
3. Games We Play
4. Come Back Baby
5. Infrared
6. Hard Piano
7. How Do You Respond
8. Santaria