Pusha-T is back to being his productive self after spending the past few months in a more figurative role from the sidelines. In a recent interview with Essence Magazine, Pusha-T made allusions to his latest efforts on the production end. "I’ve got the ideas and some of the foundation already laid. It’s coming together and will be out soon," Pusha told Sydney Scott of Essence Mag. "2018 was pretty great all around for me. It will be hard to top it, but [it’s] not going to stop me from trying."

Pusha-T new avowal adds fuel to the message he passed along earlier in the month, during a Q&A session with XXL. Their conversation revolved around the notion that Pusha would not act on impulse (surprised?), as he would much rather compile ten to fifteen sequential songs, before building any buzz over a tentative project.

With that being said, Pusha T still promised XXL, and hence the rest of rapmosphere, that his next project will be utter flames. Considering Pusha-T's pedantic creative process often pushes him inward for months on end, it might be wise to take his forewarning with a grain of salt. The Pusha interviewed by Essence abstained from making any absolute statements. On that note, with the year coming to a close, where do you rank Daytona on your personal "Year End List," comment below?