Funkmaster Flex was the first hip hop personality to premiere Daytona a few hours before it was available on streaming platforms. Of course his account of the proceedings was littered with reloads and pauses, because Funk Flex is adamant about "Bars" and senses the average listener may be slow to comprehend figurative language.

Pusha T admitted in conversation with Flex Today, that the beef did in fact begin when he took offence to Lil Wayne biting his Bathing Ape style, and Drake just happened to be in the camp. Flex for the record feels that Pusha T bodied Lil Wayne back when the feud ignited, saving face by mentioning he was still a "Weezy" fan. Flex tends to start his sentences with a proviso, but it doesn't always have the desired effect. Sometimes it's best to stick to one side and deal with the consequences. Not everyone is going to like you, especially when you host an opinion-based program.

If this interview does anything to distinguish itself from other interviews, namely Pusha T's Breakfast Club interview, it gives credence to a Beef which caught many casual observers by surprises. Pusha T explained his relationship with all the constituents: Pharrell, Kanye West, Drake, his brother No Malice, Lil Wayne, Birdman, etc. Pusha T also shone a light on all the individual crusades which were scored as either/or subliminals. Of course the interview is also littered with proverbs and personal anecdotes. Funk Flex's wormhole borders on all sectors of hip hop, past and present.