This is a great story, and something we wish we could report more of. On Friday, Pusha T decided to change the life of a 6-year old boy & his family when he invested in the kids future and started a paid scholarship so he can eventually attend college.

Jeffrey “Lil J” Laney uploaded a video to Facebook recently to try & help end gun violence in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. The heartfelt clip soon went viral, and eventually made its way to Pusha T via The Shaderoom, and Pusha decided to take action.

“I saw your video and I’m really sorry that you are having to deal with people shooting guns and hurting others where you live,” Pusha wrote to Lil J. “A lot of people can’t imagine how hard it is being a kid where you are from, If I were you, I would be scared too. But I thought it was very brave of you to speak up and try to help your family, friends, and community.”

In addition to the scholarship, Pusha also penned a heartfelt letter to Lil J and even lined up an upcoming trip to Six Flags Great America for him & his family for the time being. He also sent an ipad, games, books, and more to his house as a gift as well.

Check out both Lil J’s initial viral video (below) and read Pusha’s moving & heart warming response. #Salute King Push.