Pusha-T is a man of his word. The Chicago rapper announced a new initiative, The Third Strike Campaign, to help those currently serving a life sentence under the 3 Strikes Drug Law. The law requires anyone who is convicted of a felony that has had two prior convictions to receive a mandatory life sentence. The Campaign’s website describes the atrocities committed through the 3 Strikes Drug Law by saying, “In this project you will hear people sentenced to life in prison for marijuana. You will read about drug runners who got life. You will see people who had never spent a single day in prison before their life sentence. You will also read about the judges who – powerless from the bench – disagreed with the law. We hope these stories will help you decide whether the 3 Strikes Drug Law is fair.”

Pusha-T’s most recent track, “Coming Home,” references the move with lyrics like, "New plan, but it's a new day/Black people past their due date/Setting' the captives free in a new way.” Having collaborated with a team of lawyers, so far, the initiative has freed forty people who were serving life in prison for violating federal drug laws. 

Push sent out a tweet on August 28th to announce the move saying, “This is way more than a song, it’s a movement! We are doing everything in our power to bring home men and women trapped behind the wall due to an outdated 3 strikes drug law. Check out http://thirdstrikecampaign.com/cominghome to support and learn about the campaign.” To kick off the campaign, he offered a $25,000 donation. 

You can check out the full track, “Coming Home,” here.