Pyrex Whippa, rap producer and artist, has revealed that, after having an epileptic seizure this week, he was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia and no longer remembers who he is. The 808 Mafia member and Metro Boomin affiliate opened up through a post on social media.

"For those of you who don't know me that i deal with really bad epilepsy, unfortunately last night while having a seizure i hurt myself really bad. In result of my head injury i have been diagnosed with dissociative amnesia & i can barely remember who i am," wrote Pyrex on Instagram. "I'll be away until my mental is back at 100%. Please keep me in your prayers as i go through this journey, this is the scariest feeling to have to deal with...Idk what the outcome will be or how long till i get my memory back."

He continued with a message to those that have supported him in the past.

"To the ones who are close to me please reach out to me when you can, help me remember anything you can please.. also please do not get upset with me if i ask who you are," he said. "Hopefully is only temporary i just ask everyone to please pray for me as i go through this."

The rapper/producer has received support from all corners, including from Trinidad Jame$ and other stars. We're sending our love and positive energy to Pyrex as he goes through this scary battle.