Miami was the place to be this past weekend. Celebrities were out and about for the Super Bowl including what appeared to be the entire Quality Control roster. That being said, the Quality Control fam hosted its annual stripper bowl in Miami to close out Super Bowl weekend. Unfortunately, it didn't go down without controversy. Per The Shade Room, one of the alleged participants in the evening (a.k.a a dancer) shared a glimpse of the aftermath of the club. Dollar bills flooded the floor but an alleged contract revealed that none of the strippers were able to take it home. 

As unfortunate as it is, it appears the actual contract wasn't agreements made on behalf of Quality Control. QC's CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas hit the 'Gram to clear the air and make it clear that they don't do contracts with the dancers but the venues themselves and this entire thing were not in his control. 

"To all the dancers that were at the party last night, please understand we that don't own clubs or venues. We don't control or make the rules of how many girls dance, who split or pay out, how much money get stolen. I personally know a lot of money as thrown between our camp and you all know this. We don't do contracts with dancers," he wrote. "Sorry for any confusion that went on but that's out of our control." Based on the clips above, he wasn't lying about the amount of money being thrown.