Quality Control head honcho, Pierre "Pee" Thomas has been embattled with Lira Galore for over a year now. Galore gave birth to his child in April of last year, although the two had already been broken up by that time following allegations of cheating. However the allegations only worsened from there, with Galore claiming Pee had been physically abusive to her, even during her pregnancy.

Pee has denied these claims, and he's attempted to back up his claims by exposing text message exchanges between the two. Taking to the court of public opinion, aka Instagram, Pee shared a series of purported screenshots from their text convos as well as a lengthy caption which alleged that Galore was unfit to be a mother, essentially, saying she "snorted cocaine" during her pregnancy and more. Well, this little IG post is now coming back to bite him.

lira galore pee thomas

Prince Williams/Getty Images

The judge in their case has ruled that Pee shared "altered" text messages as well as "disparaging photos" and "false comments." In response, Thomas is ordered to pay $11,000 as well as cough up $2,500 for Galore's lawyer fees by the end of the week-- or else risk even more fines.

What's more, the judge has reportedly also declared Pee Thomas to be the father of Galore's daughter, thus he's expected to begin paying child support payments of $3,500 a month, starting next month. The couple appear to have agreed on custody of the child too, with Thomas allowed to visit in Texas where Galore and the baby live for weekend visits. 

We'll keep you posted as their custody battle wraps up.