Last week, it was reported that Lira Galore accused CEO of Quality Control Pierre "Pee" Thomas of physically abusing her during her pregnancy with their child in a $15 million lawsuit against him. Pee then fired back at Lira's allegations of abuse as well as her claims that he is an unfit father. According to TMZ, Pee flipped the switch, claiming Lira was the one who was "physically violent." In a now-deleted Instagram post, Pee elaborated further on the matter, continuing to deny his alleged negligence as a father and exposing Lira's supposed "toxic aggressive behaviour."

"I'm just tired of seeing my child's mother try and slander me as though I'm so unfit," Pee expresses in the caption of the post, which shows screenshots of text messages between Pee and Lira. "She can deny her bad drug habits and her toxic aggressive behavior all she wants..." Pee states that he "never once beat on that wom[a]n," and goes on to detail the various activities Lira allegedly engaged in, including "plotting with her pimp" and "snorting coke while pregnant." He stresses that he believes the lawsuit against him is just "a 15 million dollar shake down," and uses the series of text messages to help him prove his point. Lira has not yet responded to his claims.