There is serious trouble in paradise regarding Quality Control founder Pierre "Pee" Thomas and his (former) fiancee Lira Galore. The model took to her Instagram to share a number of stories slamming her former partner for getting social media star Kaylar Will pregnant. For a minute people thought both Kaylar and Lira were with child, but Lira shut those rumours down quick. 

"On behalf of me, I deny ALL pregnancy claims at this time. I have NO idea what anyone is talking about," she wrote on Instagram. As for her other posts, Lira vented about a lot of her marital happenings. 

"I'm tired of being bullied & disrespected when I've been nothing but nice to you & respected those around you," she wrote, via XXL Magazine. "I never asked for none of the money, cars, bags ECT ... These are all things you came at me with! I opened my heart up to accepting your kids & your extended family so what u won't do is continue to treat me like you haven't cried tears to me about how thankful u are to have me & for trying to help you work on you & the demons & issues you are battling [within] yourself."

Pierre has yet to come forward with his own comments on the matter.