By now, you've probably seen the viral clip of Quality Control rapper Metro Marrs getting arrested at his high school graduation. The budding rapper was seen in handcuffs with police escorts after throwing upwards of $10K after receiving his diploma. It's a triumphant moment for any high school student but for a Quality Control signee, it seemed only appropriate that he made it rain in the auditorium since he is yet of age to make it rain with Migos at Magic City.

His manager told TheShadeRoom that the rapper was stopped for disorderly conduct and trying to start a riot. Metro explained that he hasn't seen his classmates all year because of the pandemic and this was his final gesture to give back to his school. He explained that some of his classmates might not even receive a monetary gift for graduation. In a sense, it was pretty much a charitable donation to an educational institute.

"I was creating a moment that would be memorable," he said, adding that he needed to tape the cash to his body in order to pull the maneuver. He also waited until everyone else had their moment before deciding to make it rain. "I had to do that for the last time. Everybody was lit! We graduating high school!”

Apparently, it was only the police that was upset over the gesture since other parents and students were demanding that the police let him go.

Ultimately, the rapper was detained for a few hours before being released. It's unclear if he faces charges.