Graduation season is surely an exciting time for graduates and their families. Of course, it is a bit more exciting when you're graduating into a major label deal with one of the hottest labels in music right now. As you may recall, recent Quality Control signee Metro Marrs was escorted out of his high school graduation last week in handcuffs after making it rain $10k in cash at the ceremony.

While his fellow grads surely appreciated the gesture, school administrators and law enforcement were not as amused. He recently spoke out the incident, explaining, "I was creating a moment that would be memorable. I had to do that for the last time. Everybody was lit! We graduating high school!” The budding artist now exclusively tells TMZ he plans to pull the same stunt next year, this time with double the cash. 

Marrs tells the publication he plans to make it rain $20k in cash at next year's ceremony at Langston Hughes High School when he attends his brother's graduation. You may ask, is he risking getting arrested once again to successfully pull off the stunt?

This time around, Marrs explains that the Atlanta high school, the same one Summer Walker, Gunna, Playboi Carti, and more attended, are completely cool with him doing it. He adds that even though he was detained by the police, it was worth it since he viewed it as giving back. 

He continued to explain that the school has no hard feelings and noted he visited his principal's office the day after graduation and they dapped him up. As we reported, he was detained by police following the money-throwing stunt at his own HS graduation last week for inciting a riot and disorderly conduct, eventually being ticketed for it. 

Watch the clip of the stunt for yourself if you haven't already seen it.