When rappers talk about stacking their cash, they're probably not holding down this much. Quality Control Music has been a leading force in the rap game as they've solidified a roster of artists that have dominated the charts. Migos, Lil Yachty, City Girls, Lil Baby, and Stefflon Don are just a few names who have helped launch the music group into the stratosphere, and to show the masses that QCM means business—money-making business—the label's CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas showed off their cash flow on Instagram.

In the image, Pee sits at a large table with bands of cash that all look to be stacks of hundred dollar bills. Pee sits at the head of the table and looks down at his profits pensively and in the caption he wrote, "I Pray This Sh*t Don’t Ever Come Between Me And My Niggas. #StayDownTilYouComeUp." Lil Keed replied with a series of comments that included "It's life," "But it can," and praying hands emojis. E-40 left flexing arm emojis; Raekwon wrote, "Get yaws champion"; and Jazze Pha told him, "Maan I pray that it don’t bro... everybody’s values ain’t the same unfortunately."

Pee has shared how QCM has capitalized off of this current era of streaming music. "You drop the product and you just continue to work it, work it, work it, work it, and build," he previously told Complex. QCM co-founder Coach K added, "The great thing about streaming is the streaming don’t stop. These fans, they're research junkies now. So they are going to find it and play it as much as they want. It’s not like the old days where you give them an album and the only way they can hear it is on radio." Whatever their formula is, it seems to be working.