The hip-hop community suffered a major loss last November when King Von was tragically gunned down in Atlanta after a scuffle with Quando Rondo's crew. Rondo's affiliate Lul Tim is being accused of firing the fatal shots at the Chicago rapper, and initial reports suggested that the Georgia rapper felt remorseful about the situation. This, however, contradicts Rondo's social media activity since the incident and, most recently, some disrespectful remarks the rapper had about the late OTF artist. 

During a virtual concert on Saturday night (April 3), the 22-year-old rapper took aim at King Von in the grave with perhaps his most vile words to date. “He got caught without that pole and now that b*tch a** n*gga gone..... I’ll piss on his grave!” said the rapper during the show. 

Prior to his recent distasteful comments, Rondo addressed people on social media who feel as if he should feel remorse for the passing of someone who had beef with him. 

"Von got his self in that situation I didn't even no cuz had pressure with me," he wrote in response to a fan on Instagram with a heartbreak emoji and a 100 emoji. 

As mentioned briefly before, Rondo has previously vocalized negative feelings regarding the late Chicago emcee and his crew. After moving pretty freely in the weeks following the fatal shooting, one of his late November shows in Atlanta shows was canceled due to a perceived safety threat, presumably from King Von affiliates. 

"A whole hoe outchea," penned 600Breezy in a shady message regarding the cancellation. What are your thoughts on Quando Rondo's comments?