Quando Rondo has been in the news quite a bit as of late due to his alleged involvement in the killing of King Von. Rondo has been making some peculiar statements on social media, and it has gotten the attention of many of Von's peers, including the likes of 600Breezy. The latest update involving Rondo took place just a couple of days ago as he took to social media claiming that his show in Georgia had been canceled by both the mayor and the police force.

Rondo says those in power felt like the show would be a security risk and that's why it was shut down. The Georgia rapper appeared to be upset about it all although fans have recently called him out for lying, as they noticed the date on his video evidence was for January 1st of 2018. In fact, DJ Akademiks took to Instagram this morning to report that Rondo had even deleted his IG account due to all of the scrutiny.

A clip posted yesterday, however, seems to contradict the accusations that Rondo was lying, as the rapper can be seen on the phone with the promoter, who says on camera that the show was, indeed, canceled. Regardless, 600Breezy has continued to take shots at Rondo and even called him "A whole hoe outchea" following the canceled show fiasco. This was primarily because some felt it was 600Breezy's fault for the cancelation.

As it stands, the bad blood between both sides continues to grow and it remains to be seen whether or not either artist will be able to perform at any venues given the current tension.