There are few people more respected in the streets than Eugene "Big U" Henley. The influential former leader of the Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crips recently appeared during an episode of The Breakfast Club where he touched on a phone call he received from Quando Rondo, which he declined. At the time, Big U believed Quando, who reps the same set, was calling him for protection after fans turned on him because of his altercation with King Von, which ended in the rapper being killed. "You can't call me now. You can't call me when the fire hot," he explained.

Quando Rondo addressed the situation, explaining that he was not calling the OG for protection with a long-winded video on social media. Their differences dissipated after the two met up, posed for some pictures, and supported one another publicly. During the latest portion of Quando's interview with Angela Yee, he speaks about what happened and why the whole situation was taken out of context.

"The little situation or whatever. That happened six months ago. If I was calling for protection, I would’ve called then," he said, responding to Big U's initial claims. "We good. It's love with me and Unc. To be honest, fans took that and said that. [Big U] never said that I called him for protection on that show. He never technically said that. But the way Unc put it, that’s how fans would’ve took it in."

Quando says that after their little tiff, Big U called him and clarified that he doesn't have any issues with the young rapper. In fact, they even discussed the possibility of having Big U sit in on the Angela Yee interview, but the OG was a little busy.

Watch the latest part of Quando Rondo's interview with Angela Yee below.