Quando Rondo has officially responded to Big U, denying that he reached out to the street legend for extra protection after he was called out on Wednesday morning.

During his appearance on The Breakfast Club, Big U was speaking about why younger rappers should always be in contact with OGs whenever they're moving around. He used Quando Rondo as an example, revealing that the Georgia-based rapper called him a few days ago but he rejected him, effectively saying that he missed his chance with him. "You can't call me when the fire hot," he said. "You didn't f*ck with me before that. You had my number, you could have called me, you could have did all that."

Quando must have heard the news because he has responded with a two-minute video on Instagram, addressing the situation. "Man, cuz, I'ma go ahead and clear this sh*t up before y'all n***as even get to saying some sh*t like this," said Quando. "First of all, when I hit Unc up, when I hit the big homie up, I was calling that man on some sh*t like this. Cuz, I got a lot going on. I got a lot of f*ck sh*t going on out here. I know that cuz is in a lane where cuz got a lot of charity sh*t going on, cuz just got a lot of positive sh*t going on. My team was hitting up a lot of more people, calling around everywhere like, it's time for me to start giving back, it's time for me to start straightening up politics-wise. It's time for me to leave the streets sh*t in the streets and just play my role with this internet sh*t. No, a n***a was not trying to give back just to have a good face card. I'm trying to give back from the heart. I never once called nobody, no n***a on planet f*cking Earth for no protection. I don't fear no man."

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People have been suggesting that Quando Rondo called Big U in search of some extra security given his recent situation with King Von, which led to the rapper's death. According to Quando, that couldn't be further from the truth.

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