Quando Rondo has been embroiled in various controversies over the last few months. Back in November, Rondo was implicated in the killing of King Von and since then, he has made some comments that have angered Von's closest friends and family. For instance, Rondo recently got to sit down with Angela Yee, where he claimed that he had no idea it was Von who was a part of the altercation that ultimately led to his death. Regardless of the real story, Rondo has angered many people which has made him a security risk at shows.

Despite all of this, Rondo decided to take part in his first live show since the incident. In the video below, posted by Saycheese TV, you can see that the crowd is actually quite small and that Rondo had a whole entourage of people around him on the stage.

In the tweet, it is reported that only 50-100 people were at the show although those numbers are not confirmed. As for the reason behind the crowd size, that remains uncertain as well, however, COVID certainly had something to do with it.

It remains to be seen whether or not Rondo will want to do another one of these in the near future although for now, it's clear that he doesn't mind being seen in public.

Quando Rondo

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET