Quavo appears to be in a happy, committed relationship with Saweetie. He buys her an abundance of Birkin bags, and she keeps him grounded. They seem to be in love. 

So what is it about these Reginae Carter rumors that are going viral on social media?

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Last night, comedian/troll Gerald Huston commented as we were all watching Gucci Mane and Jeezy face off on Verzuz, asking Quavo if he was still romantically involved with Reginae Carter. The comments confused a number of people, especially considering they've never been linked as a couple. Reginae is seemingly dating YFN Lucci again and, as discussed, Quavo is with Saweetie.

For some reason though, the rumors caught traction on social media and now everyone wants to know if Quavo did anything with Nae.

"Internet Crazy Man," said Quavo, shutting down the cheating rumors in a since-deleted tweet. "Not Weezy Daughter No!" He added a snowflake emoji, a crying emoji, and a fingers crossed emoji.

Still, despite the sheer randomness of these rumors, people are wondering if they could be true. One woman even theorized that Saweetie and Reginae could start arguing over the rapper, claiming that she's been intimate with Quavo and getting nearly 10,000 retweets.

Quavo is currently a trending topic on Twitter. That's how hard these rumors are erupting. Is there any truth to them though? We're yet to find out.