It was at the top of the month that Quavo was embroiled in a physical altercation with Eric The Jeweler while at a nightclub in New York City following this year’s Grammy Awards show that left the famed jeweler with a few bruises.

Initial reports indicated that the celebrity jeweler, born Eric Mavashev, filed a report with the NYPD that accused the Atlanta rapper of robbery and assault after a fight broke out at the city’s 1Oak club over a debt that Offset allegedly owed, with Mavashev stating that after the altercation he was left bloodied and missing a $30,000 chain.

Now, it looks like things are all good between the two parties as TMZ reports that sources indicate they two met up personally to put aside their differences with Quavo paying off the debt in question. Soon enough, Eric The Jeweler uploaded a photo to Instagram with a caption indicating that he never intended to press charges contrary to what many were led to believe by “the media.”

“Just for the record since the media likes to put things in their own words and elevate things that aren't really true to another level, I am not suing or pressing charges against [Quavo],” the celebrity jeweler wrote out in a caption. “Don't listen to the media it was all just a big misunderstanding. We are on good terms and back to conducting business as usual!”