Quavo appeared to be unimpressed with Soulja Boy when Migos was asked about the "Crank Dat" rapper during an interview with The Breakfast Club. It seems like the entertainer has switched up his stance since dismissing Soulja's gripe against him. Quavo has come through with an endorsement of at least part of his rival's claims, which may give credibility to other parts of his ramblings. 

Billboard asked, "Soulja Boy told The Breakfast Club that he gave you the 'Versace' beat, is that true?" His response is somewhat surprising. "Nah, he recorded on the 'Versace' beat. Zaytoven normally does this all the time where he sends the same beat out," he said. "Growing up, I think I heard the song, it was like an "OMG" song. Then we ended up doing a harder record with some harder lyrics. Soulja most definitely influenced a lot of everybody's work. He's speaking facts. He hasn't said anything wrong."

This comes after Quavo showed no sympathy or patience for Soulja Boy back in 2017."How do you stay out of the way of beef," Charlamagne asked Migos. "'Cause Soulja Boy had some words for you." Quavo took a breath before responding. "F*ck that n*gga," he said, seemingly aggravated.