For most Americans, we are slowly approaching our first full-year of quarantine, poised to continue on into a second year. With the federal government under former POTUS Trump failing to enact widespread national precautions early-on before the pandemic reached its severity, many are hoping Biden will ramp up the federal response. Considering the gross-negligence of the federal government in dealing with COVID-19, placing the blame on individuals is beginning to be a useless fight. Regardless, there is still a standard of COVID-19 friendly behavior people should follow until we are fully in the clear. Quavo doesn't seem to fully agree with this, however. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Seemingly over the strict COVID-19 precaution state of the world, the Migos' rapper had a different idea he believes everyone should get behind. Rocking a cap, jeans, and a hoodie while posing at a monument in front of a Mercedes-Benz retailer in the city, the rapper told his followers to, "Come To Atlanta." He then declared, "Quarantine Canceled."

While likely penned satirically, there is partially some truth to Quavo's irresponsible declaration. A number of states have moved forward with rolling back on previously set restrictions as the second-wave subsides and substantial progress in vaccination efforts continues to be made. 

Atlanta has particularly been a place with freer restrictions throughout the pandemic, with many stars and influencers coming under fire for their packed, maskless celebrations thrown all throughout quarantine. 

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