If you have ever played the XBOX exclusive Gears Of War, then you have probably heard of the Lancer. This weapon is an absolute unit as it features automatic rounds and a chainsaw underneath, which is perfect for shredding your enemies while in close combat. The Lancer has been the signature weapon of Gears Of War for years, and with each new game, the gun continues to dazzle fans and etch its name in the video game history books. In fact, some people even have lifesize replicas of the gun, which are used to hang up on the wall.

Now, it seems like Quavo owns a unique interpretation of the Lancer, except this one, appears to be functional. In the video below, you can see Quavo standing near a field in Puerto Rico, all while wielding an impressive gold gun. The chainsaw attached to the bottom of the gun is fully functional, and Quavo seems to be enjoying himself as he points the gun into the distance.

Based on Quavo's Instagram story, it seems like this gun could be used in an upcoming music video, which makes a lot of sense considering just how outlandish it really is. We're sure some weapons enthusiasts will be inspired by this clip, however, as the entire make up of it is fairly interesting.


Stacy Revere/Getty Images