Drake started a trend that's being picked up by Spotify's elite. The Canadian rapper's single, "In My Feelings" reached one billion streams on Spotify and he received a silver plate as a plaque. Naturally, Drake used this to eat spaghetti off to celebrate one-billion streams. "We drank out of Grammys now you need a BILL to eat off the plate," he captioned the post.

Very few will ever be able to eat off of this metaphorical plate. It certainly isn't an easy feat. Quavo, though, has echoed Drake's sentiment as he joins the club. Post Malone's "Congratulations" ft. Quavo has now reached one billion streams on the platform and the Migos rapper received his plaque in the mail. Fresh out of bed, Quavo celebrated with a breakfast of champions including waffles, eggs, and orange juice that was served on the billion-stream certification. 

"Can’t Sit At The Table Unless It’s A Billi On The Plate @spotify," he captioned the post before flexing this new level that he's reached. "Unlocked Billi Huncho."

It comes as no surprise that they've been able to rack up that many plays on the streaming platform. Along with this coveted position in the billi club, the pair can also join the rare few, including Drake, who've collected Diamond plaques -- an album selling 10M album-equivalent units. It's also racked up over a billion views on YouTube.

Quavo and Post Malone were recently spotted jamming out together and there's a good chance they have other collabs in the vault that we've yet to hear. Do you think they'd be able to have another hit like "Congratulations" again? Sound off in the comments.