Bobby Shmurda emerged out of prison this morning and it's a glorious day for hip-hop. Within a short time in the rap game, he had an everlasting impact that has transformed the sound of East Coast rap. His unfortunate incarceration occurred just as he was about to blow up but still, the streets never forgot about him.

After Rowdy Rebel came out of prison in 2020, he's kept fans updated on Bobby's whereabouts while working on new music. It seems now that both rappers are out of prison, solo music isn't only in the pipeline but also the upcoming ShMigos project. Quavo teased the collaborative effort as recently as 2019.

Before Bobby arrived home this morning via a private jet courtesy of Quavo, the Migos rapper finally linked up with Rowdy Rebel for dinner last night. Footage circulated earlier today with Quay dropping off a stack of money for Rowdy last night that he described as a "lil' care pack for the gang." Adding, "You know I love you, bro."

"Stop playin'. This goin' straight to the bank," Rowdy said.

Quavo celebrated Rowdy's freedom and their link up on Twitter. "My first time seeing my dog rowdy rebel tonight!!! They freed the guys," he said. 

Check out the clip below. Are you excited about new music from Bobby Shmurda and Migos? Let us know in the comment section below. s