According to Quavo, each Migos' member is soul searching to find their greater purpose in order to embolden the group as a whole. Quavo, the unofficial leader of the troupe, sat down with Hypebeast to delve a little deeper into the group's mentality and/or manifesto, whichever comes most naturally. 

There are a few takeaways worth noting, Quavo although smart enough to avoid speaking absolutes did make a few items feel as though they were foregone conclusions, the first of which his plans to continue working with Travis Scott as Huncho Jack. Furthermore, the three Migos solo albums are being worked on as we speak, including Takeoff's return to the limelight.

Quavo explains Takeoff's elusive nature as a deliberate act. "He likes to work and mind his business. He doesn’t like to be involved in a lot of things, he just likes to make good music for the people," Quavo said in reply to Hypebeast's well-conceived question on the matter. Additionally, Quavo basically admitted that Takeoff is basically the "lyrical" workhorse behind Migos. Whatever he lacks in brand potential, he makes up for in sheer talent. Quavo labeled him the "franchise rookie player" of the team, all under one banner.

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